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About Collins Sales

We are a family-run business based in Mississauga and operate across the province of Ontario.

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For 37 years we've been connecting customers with quality electrical products and services.

Collins Sales is an Independent Manufacturers’ Representative supplying quality lighting and electrical products to customers throughout Ontario and Eastern Canada. We also provide a number of professional services to our customers such as lighting audits and installation support.

Meet The Team

For all general inquiries please use our contact us page

Picture of Steven Collins

Steven Collins


1 (866) 556-2838 ext 101

Picture of Yasmin Collins

Yasmin Collins

Outside Sales - GTA & Golden Horseshoe

1 (866) 556-2838 ext 108

Picture of Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins

Outside Sales - Northern Ontario & Ottawa

1 (866) 556-2838 ext 112

Picture of Peter McCumber

Peter McCumber

Outside Sales - Southwestern Ontario & GTA

1 (866) 556-2838 ext 111

Picture of Nancy Collins

Nancy Collins

Inside Sales & Customer Service

1 (866) 556-2838 ext 103

Picture of Subrato Chatterjee

Subrato Chatterjee

Inside Sales & Customer Service

1 (866) 556-2838 ext 106

Picture of Jonathan Wilson

Jonathan Wilson

Outside Sales

1 (866) 556-2838 ext 114

Picture of Cheryl Ovas

Cheryl Ovas


1 (866) 556-2838 ext 104

Picture of Shipping



1 (866) 556-2838 ext 105

Picture of Khadija Rabbi

Khadija Rabbi

Inside Sales

1 (866) 556-2838 ext 102

Picture of Wael Abou Daoud

Wael Abou Daoud

Inside Sales/Operations

1 (866) 556-2838 ext 102