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The original cost analysis of hand dryers compared to alternatives was created by Comac founder Brian O’Connor in the 1980’s. It demonstrated that one could reasonably expect a 90% savings versus paper towel or linen over the lifetime of a Blast model or equivalent. This savings took into account the original capital cost of the dryer and installation. The lifetime of the Blast was estimated to be 10 years, the warranty at the time. This cost analysis is still in general use and remains accurate today.

Hand dryers eliminate the labor costs associated with paper and linen, including regular purchasing, inventory and stocking, re-filling dispensers, general washroom clean up, garbage disposal labor and the extra disposal cost of the paper. It is generally agreed that up to one hour of labor is associated with every case of paper towel. In contrast, Comac hand dryers are always on duty and require virtually no maintenance.

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