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Serge Baril Heat Tracing

When one thinks of heating cables a specific application usually comes to mind such as water pipe freeze protection or floor space heating. However, there are many different uses and applications. You will find them in residential and commercial applications such as snow melt for driveways, parking lots and stairs, roof and gutter de-icing, floor space heating, hot water temperature maintenance, potable water freeze protection in and on pipes. In the industrial world, you will find applications similar to all of the above plus heat tracing for pipes and tanks for freeze protection, process temperature maintenance, frost heave protection and many more!

Serge Baril has worked to stock and provide a heating cable with accessories for each application. By providing engineering support and working with electrical contractors, we can assist with the proper layout and product selection for every application.

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Serge Baril Heat Tracing at a Glance


Canadian Stock


Comfort & Space Heating catalogue (1)

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Concrete Snow Melt Catalogue (1)

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Freeze Pipe Protection catalogue (1)

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Gutters Roofs and Drains De-Icing catalogue (1)

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